Doctors wee surprised when remedy eliminates hemorrhoids for 24 hours. Disease which is unpleasant, painful, uncomfortable also nobody wants to have or hemorrhoids represented by vessels, veins inflamed or swollen, located around anus or lower rectum with strong pain which changes walking way.even-doctors-are-surprised-this-remedy-eliminate-hemorrhoids-in-24-hours

Reasons which make apparition of hemorrhoids are following:  sedentary lifestyle, poor diet(no fibers), lack of exercise and others.

Also hemorrhoids are followed by feeling of discomfort in area, sharp pain, stinging sensation, tingling, bleeding. You  can fight hemorrhoids using natural foods: garlic- few cloves of garlic mix with olive or coconut oil, placing it in freezer, later apply on area.

Use only cotton underwear, so skin can breathe, take cold water baths or cold compresses.

Consume daily high-fiber foods, lot of water, do a lot of exercises  also.


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